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Easy connection/disconnection of tube made by a quick hold/release mechanism. Quick-fittings come in a variety of types, models and sizes to satisfy various piping demands.
Fittings for Special Applications
Designable fitting manifolds, rotary fittings, rotary blocks or fittings without quick-fitting mechanism.
Fittings for Molding Die
Fittings suitable for controlling temperature of die for pastic injection molding.
These light weight couplings are also incorporated with the quick-fittings mechanism.
Flow controllers: Speed controllers & Needle valves
These controllers equipped with quick-fittings can regulate air flow to control the operational speed of pneumatic actuators.
Regulators & Filters
Small sized pressure regulators are also equipped with quick-fittings and some are come with a miniature pressure gauge. Regular size filters, filter-regulators are also available.
Unique membrane type air dryers and modular dryers, which do not require electricity to operate, keep maintenace costs low.
Pressure Gauges
Miniature sized (9/16" diameter) pressure gauges equipped with quick-fitting have an accuracy of +/- 5% of full span. Taper-threaded 40mm diameter gauge also available.
Silencer / Muffler
Light-weight, resin molded silencers for port size up to 1/2" female pipe thread.
Different types of manually operated 2- or 3- way valves equipped with quick-fitting or male thread. Manifold type or individual type solenoid valves are offered in different styles.
Grippers / Actuators
Air operated miniature or regular size hand and rotary actuators.
Plastic tubings in variety of materials.
Vacuum Generators / Vacuum Pads
Simple or multi-functional venturi type vacuum generators in various shapes and characteristics. Vacuum pads are available in a variety of shapes and materials. Vacuum pad related products.
Vacuum Filters
Vacuum Filters remove dust and water from vacuum line
Pressure & Vacuum Sensors / Switches
Solid state pressure sensor/switch, and solid state or mechanical vacuum sensor/switch
Other products
Cable/tube conveyer, tube cutting device, non-standard products

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