Suction Cup Orifice Adapter

Suction Cup Orifice Adapters Provide Secure Suction and Minimize Vacuum Loss

Our Vacuum Cup Orifice Adapters are the low cost solution to preventing workpieces from dropping during transfer and for minimizing vacuum loss. The orifice adapter is ideal for use in cases where suction cups fail to pick up a workpiece. The use of a single orifice adapter reduces vacuum loss and ensures the other cups in the line securely hold workpieces. Our Suction Cup Orifice Adapters are designed for use with Pisco suction cups only. Click here.


Slothead Speed Controller

Large Flow Vacuum Generator VLM Provides High Vacuum and Flow Rates

New from Pisco, the Type VLM Large Flow Vacuum Generator features a multi stage nozzle ejector that ensures high vacuum of -94kPa and a large suction flow rate of up to 1,110ℓ/min[ANR]. The incorporation of a multi-stage nozzle and multi layer structure results in suction flow approx. 2.2 times (on average) larger than air consumption. Silencer installation is selectable from three directions: side, front and with rotary joint (only front installation is available with the single layer type). The body can be fixed freely with two brackets. The VLM provides excellent ozone resistance. It is suited for a range of industries, including automotive, semiconductor, food and medical. Click here.


Slothead Speed Controller

Pisco's New Slot-Head Speed Controller is Designed to Reduce Unnecessary Setting Changes

New from Pisco, the Type JSD Slot-Head Speed Controller reduces unwanted adjustments, and ensures settings are maintained during operation. Based on the design of Pisco's Type JSC Speed Controller, the Type JSD does not include the external needle needed to make speed adjustments. Instead, to ensure consistent speeds, a separate screwdriver is required to make any adjustments. The absence of a built-in tool has resulted in a space-saving design: the height of this new controller to approximately 2/3 the height of its conventional counterpart. The JSD is available in an Elbow type with a 360 degree rotatable x-axis resin body and a Free type with a 360 degree rotatable x- and y-axis resin body. Both operate with air as a medium and feature operating pressure ranges from 14.5 - 130 psi, check valve opening pressure of 7.25 psi and operating temperature ranges from 32 - 140 degree F. The Type JSD is ideal for use in packaging and factory automation applications. Click here.


Anti-Static Air Pincette

Pisco Unveils Anti-Static Air Pincette (Vacuum Tweezer) Series for Miniature Parts Assembly

PISCO USA, INC.'s New Air Pincette Series combines a vacuum pad and a vacuum generator into a pen-like body. This series is ideal for small part assembly in environments where static electricity is an issue. Surface resistance is104~108Ω. A 4mm OD tube supplies 0.5MPa of compressed air and generates a vacuum, upon closing a hole or pushing a button, to pick up a small parts. Two Air Pincette types are available. The Built-In Push Valve VTB Type, which only releases air during use for reduced air consumption and low noise output, and the No Push Valve VTA Type. Click here.


Rotary Vacuum Pump

Pisco Introduces Rotary Vacuum Pump - High Efficiency, Lightweight and Low Heat Generation

PISCO USA, INC.'s New Rotary Vacuum Pump utilizes a magnet coupling which eliminates sliding of the rotary shaft seal and results in no heat generation by the seal. This rotary vacuum pump features low generation of heat (approximately 68 degrees F lower than other brands), and low noise operation. Long service life is attained through the use of super engineered plastic which has self-lubricating and abrasion characteristics and special surface treatment for improved durability. Applications include suction transport, vacuum chuck, vacuum packing, defoaming/deaeration, bagging and vacuum forming. Click here.