Vacuum Gripper VRG, VMG

Vacuum Gripper VRG, VMG

Three types of vacuum grippers integrated with high flow vacuum generators are offered for lifting large, heavy, different sized, objects, porous materials and objects with irregular and rough surfaces such as sacks, garden tiles, cardboard boxes, shrink-wrapped bottles, etc.

  • End-of-arm tooling for large objects
  • For robotic end effectors with P.C.D. 40, P.C.D. 56, P.C.D. 80
  • Grips irregular and rough surfaces
  • Custom foam rubber sizes available


Achievable Vacuum Level (kPa) 27.7inHg (-94)
Air Consumption (l/min[ANR]) 11.65scfm (330) in case of 3 nozzles type
Fluid Medium Air
Gripping Force (N) 345 (Safety factor 1/4 considered)
Noise (dB(A)) 75 (in case of 3 nozzles type (just for reference))
Rated Supply Pressure (MPa) 72.5psi (0.5)
Service Pressure Range (MPa) 43.5 ~ 101.5psi (0.3 ~ 0.7)
Service Temperature Range (°C) 41 ~ 122°F (5 ~ 50 (No freezing))
Suction Flow (l/min[ANR]) 26.8scfm (760) in case of 3 nozzles type
Vacuum Characteristic High vacuum type



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