SUS316 Flow Control Valve

FDA compliant Polyurethane tubing

Now PISCO offers Polyurethane tubing UF series which is in compliance with the FDA CFR.21 § 177.2600 dissolution test, ideal for applications where FDA compliance is needed. Click here.


SUS316 Flow Control Valve

SUS316 Flow Control Valve

Now we offer flow control valves made of stainless steel SUS316 to meet various application such as food process, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, medicals, semi-conductor and so on. Click here.


Stainless Steel Ball Valve

Stainless Steel Ball Valve

The metal parts of the ball valve are made of stainless steel SUS304. The products are suitable for applications under chemical environment. Light-weight, compact body with two bore sizes as option. Click here.


Miniature Quick Exhaust Valve

Miniature Quick Exhaust Valve

Two types have been newly added to the series, direct mounting type and plug type. Ideal for preventing condensation caused by adiabatic expansion of small actuators, which leads to malfunction, deterioration and the washing down grease of valve, etc. Click here.


Push-Lock Pressure Regulator with Gauge option

Push-Lock Pressure Regulator with Gauge Option

The push-lock pressure reducing valve secures the set pressure against vibrations. The compact body regulator is suitable for installation on a manifold block or the in-line type is placeable side by side. It comes with a relieving mechanism, making it easier to set and adjust the air pressure. Click here.


Push Lock type Flow Controller with Indicator

Push Lock Flow Control Valve with Indicator (Tamper-Proof)

The easily-seen indicator located on the side and top of the adjustment knob makes setting the flow rate easier due to added visibility. PISCO’s push-to-lock type flow control valve ensures the air flow level once it is set, even with its small and low-profile body size. Click here.


Parallel Grippers

High Precision, Compact and Lightweight Parallel Grippers

Our high precision, compact and lightweight pneumatic parallel grippers feature a thin body, yet high gripping force. Choose external gripping or internal gripping by the mounting position of the attachment. Click here.


Check Valve

Check Valves with Back Flow Prevention – Imperial Sizes Available

PISCO offers a variety of check valves with threaded and push-in connect ports, either in imperial or metric for your application. Push-in connect port sizes available from 5/32” to 1/2” O.D. or 4mm to 12mm O.D. Threaded port sizes are available in 10-32UNF, 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 NPT, or M5, M6, R1/8, 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2. Available materials include nickel-plated brass, aluminum, anodized aluminum, SUS304, plastic, and polypropylene, depending on the types and the sizes, with low cracking pressure. Click here.


Pre-set (Tamper-Proof) In-Line Pressure Regulator

Pre-set (Tamper-Proof) In-Line Pressure Regulator

PISCO offers new pressure reducing valve. The pressure setting is factory set and cannot be changed or adjusted, which provides operators safe and continuous performance. The pre-set regulator provides a stable pressure point, even when the inlet pressure fluctuates. A reverse flow mechanism allows installation between solenoid valves and cylinders. It is compact and light-weighted. The factory pressure set is from 0.2 to 0.6MPa (29 to 87psi), every 0.05MPa (every 7psi) Click here.


Orifice Fitting

Orifice Fittings Provide Precision and Repeatability in Compact Spaces.

Pisco offers a wide range of tamper proof products. Our orifice fittings are designed where precision, restricted flow and repeatability are crucial. 10-32UNF thread has been added recently to extremely tiny push-in fitting bodies for use in small spaces with the tubing O.D. sizes 5/32” and 1/4”, both in straight and elbow, with competitive pricing. Click here.


Slothead Speed Controller

PISCO’s Recessed Screw Flow Control Valve is Designed to Reduce Unnecessary Setting Changes

The Type JSD Recessed Screw Adjustment Regulator reduces unwanted adjustments, and ensures settings are maintained during operation. Based on the design of PISCO’s Type JSC Flow Control Valve, the Type JSD does not include the external needle needed to make speed adjustments. Instead, ensure consistent speeds, a separate screwdriver is required to make any adjustments. Low-profile JSD is available in a Banjo type and an Universal type. Click here.